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Boise Construction General Contractors Boise

  • Client:City of Boise
  • Size:15,000 sf

Library! at Bown Crossing

Sustainable design targeting a minimum silver LEED Certification.

 Located in SE Boise the library acts as a community center, welcoming and integrating southeast Boise neighborhoods and businesses.  The full-service library provides a light-filled environment, with computer and internet access, lots of books, movies and music, spaces for study, meetings and relaxing, and special programs for all ages.

Some of the features include: 13,000 sf for public space, 35,000+ books, DVDs, audiobooks, movies and music; PCs and mobile devices with internet access for public use; wireless internet access, comfortable chairs for relaxing, as well as table seating; open 6 days a week totaling 50 hours; baby, preschool & toddler story times; school-age & teen programs; book clubs & other special programs.  

There are special spaces:  reading room with fireplace for reading & socializing; two group study rooms; specially designed areas for children and teens.  Audio-visual equipped multi-purpose rooms seating 90, with access during hours the library is closed.

Sustainable design;  maximized daylighting; efficient use of energy and water; constructed of recycled and local materials;  targeting a minimum of a silver LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council; water-wise landscaping using drought-tolerant and native plants, environmentally friendly stormwater management.

For three days in early August, CM Company oversaw the installation of the first Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels in the state of Idaho.  Essentially plywood panels made out of 2x6's, CLTs can be used as decks or walls in many of the places where reinforced concrete or steel structure would usually go.  Since they are a composite material, their size is limited only by the machines that produce them and shipping constraints.  Since they are made from very large quantities of wood, CLTs actually absorb and store more carbon from the environment than their production puts off, in stark contrast to concrete or steel.  So not only do they have a very low environmental impact, they are also one of only a few truly renewable construction materials.  Reference the case study on the CLT panels.


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