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The Project:  South Junior High School - Boise, Idaho

Challenges:  New school construction occurred within 30 feet of South's operational school and a firm Fall opening date left no flexibility in the construction schedule. 

CM Company Approach: As a standard operating process, CM Company holds coordination meetings for contractors, the school district, and the design team to review plans and specifications in advance of onsite work.  These regularly scheduled meetings improve work planning and communication and allow early identification of possible challenges. 

The Problem:  Actual conditions of the job were unique and could not have been anticipated in the original design. Mechanical and Structural Systems required elevation adjustments in the two school gymnasiums to avoid functionality issues.

Solution: By putting our heads together early on, the design team, CM Company and the mechanical, electrical and structural specialty contractors were collectively able to anticipate the issue, make necessary material and installation changes and avoid extra costs for rework, new parts and schedule delays.

Result:  South was completed on time and within budget.  Teachers moved into their new classrooms and were ready to greet students on the first day of school in August.   



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